Chervil Seeds 3030


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Chervil Seeds 3030. Heirloom Herb.

Approx. 225 seeds/pkt (400 seeds/gram)

Chervil seeds produce a plant with aromatic, finely cut, bright green leaves are used in salads and seasoning. Chervil is used in the ‘fines herbes’ mixture made famous by French cuisine. When chervil is used alone it is best with cold dishes or just prior to presentation of cooked foods. In the garden, chervil is sometimes used as a decoy plant for slugs and other garden pests. Grows 50-100 cm in height. Chervil may grow adventively where sun exposure and moisture conditions are relatively constant year-over-year.  Annual. 

How to Grow

As this plant develops a tap root it is best to sow seed directly outdoors in a site with bright, indirect light with average soil. Seed should be sown in early May and a second crop can be sown again in August through to early September. Do not cover the seed with soil. Seed can also be started indoors in a plantable container filled with soil-less mix 6-8 weeks before last frost date. Keep temperature at 21 C (70 F) for the 7-10 day germination period, then grow on at a slightly cooler temperature before hardening off and transplanting outside after the danger of frost has passed. Thin or space plants to 25 cm (10″) apart in the garden.

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