Mini Mow Ecological Lawn Seed Mixture 8335


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Mini Mow Ecological Lawn Seed Mixture 8335 A Canada No. 1 Ground Cover Mixture of hardy perennials (P) and a self seeding annual (A) that’s perfect for those who want an ecologically friendly lawn without regular maintenance. Grows 15-25 cm in height. Typically needs to be cut only twice a season to maintain its performance. Mixture contains: White Yarrow (P), Birdsfoot Trefoil (P), White Clover (P), Perennial Alyssum (P) and California Poppy (A).

How to Grow

Sow seed late April through mid May. Vigorously rake the area to be planted to remove debris and accumulated thatch. Add top soil to fill in any low spots then rake level. Sow seed at a rate of 500 g per 150 sq. m (1.1 lb per 1600 sq. ft.) Apply twice at half rate over the area in a criss-cross pattern. Rake the seeded area lightly to just cover the seed with soil. Water with a fine spray for two or three weeks to keep the seeded area moist during the germination period.

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