Pipolina Micro Clover Hybrid Seeds 6737


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Pipolina Micro Clover Seeds 6737. Hybrid. Perennial.

4,000 seeds/gram

Must be mown at intervals, as needed. Requires regular mowing to keep the dwarf, low growing and spreading habit. A genetic trait bred into Trifolium repens var. Pipolina activates in response to repeated mowing. Breeders selected T. repens plants that shrank in response to mowing.

Full sun exposure recommended. It is ideal for over-seeding into lawns and sport turf. Wear & tear actually enhances the dominance of Microclover in lawns. When seeded into lawns, it thrives under the regular mowing height of 5 to 7 cm (2-3″).  To increase the amount of Microclover growing in the lawn, reduce or eliminate nitrogen fertilizers. Sow at 25 g per 50 m2 (538 sq. ft.) when over-seeding into a turf based lawn.

Although not recommended unless you intend to intensely manage & maintain mowed height, when attempting a mono-culture, sow at 2kg per 90 m2 (1,000 sq. ft.). Water regularly until established. Sow in spring and late summer. Patience is needed. Mature establishment will take two to three growing seasons. Repeated seasonal sowings are usually needed the first three years as ‘Pipolina’ isn’t a prolific bloomer, which reduces self-sowing.

How to Grow

Good seed to soil contact is required for any successful seeding. Begin with a finely prepared seedbed that is as free of weeds & debris as possible and firm with a stiff rake or roller. In mid April to mid June, scatter the seed on the surface and gently rake. Microclover can also be applied as a broadcast over seeding on established lawns through the spring and late summer. Late fall seeding around mid October until winter arrives generally ensures that no seed will germinate until spring as the soil is too cold. Seed is small. You may find it easier to mix with dry sand to help sow evenly. Use a quantity of sand that you are confident permits even sowing over the entire area. Warm spring rain and snow-melt will be enough to initiate germination. Requires regular mowing. Success with Microclover is all about mowing to 5 to 7 cm (2-3″) height as directed on the package.

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