Radish Sparkler Organic Seed Tape 4215




Radish Sparkler Organic Seed Tape 4215. Heirloom Vegetable.

2 metres (6 feet) seed strip

23 days to harvest. A beautiful round radish. The top half is a fine scarlet colour with a rosy edge bordering a pure white bottom half. Tender yet crisp flesh on what is possibly the finest market radish.

How to Grow

Plant in early spring to early summer and again in late summer for fall crops. For the sweetest and crunchiest radishes, time your planting to mature when the weather is cool. Keep soil evenly moist for quickest growth. This variety tastes best when harvested around 2.5 cm (1”) in diameter.

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 0.1 cm


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