Double-cut Red Clover Seeds 6725


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Double-cut Red Clover Seeds 6725. Open Pollinated. Perennial.

600 seeds/gram

Tolerant of most soils, Red Clover is a short lived perennial forage plant with a deep taproot that not only helps to improve soil permeability but also brings nutrients up from the subsoil. Also being a legume, it is very valuable for increasing soil fertility by fixing nitrogen from the air into the soil. Our red clover is known as double cut as there is rapid regrowth after the initial harvest allowing the opportunity for two harvests in the season. Red Clover typically lives from 2 to 3 years. Grows 30-60 cm in height. Flowers are a honey bee and bumblebee favourite! Sow in spring at 16.8 kg per hectare (15 lb per acre).

How to Grow

Good seed to soil contact is required for any successful seeding. Begin with a finely prepared seedbed that is as free of weeds/debris as possible and firm with a stiff rake or roller. Sow seed shallow at 6 mm (1/4″) from early April to mid-May and again in September. Late fall seeding around mid October until winter arrives (known as dormant seeding) generally ensures that no seed will germinate until spring as the soil is too cold. Spring’s warm rains and snow melt will be enough to initiate germination.

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