Sage Seeds 3095


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Sage Seeds 3095. Heirloom Herb.

Approx. 75 seeds/pkt (130 seeds/gram)

Sacred to the ancient Romans, sage seeds produce a fragrant, slightly bitter herb plant used extensively for flavouring meats, soups, omelettes and cheese dishes. Another member of the mint family. Sage seeds grow greyish coloured leaves that are used either fresh or dried. Flowers shade from blue to purplish-blue in colour. Plants can grow to 60 cm (2′) tall and can spread out at least as wide. Mature plants often become woody so prune out some of the older wood to stimulate new, tastier growth.

In mild climates, Sage is a perennial evergreen shrub hardy to Zone 5 with winter protection.

How to Grow

Sow seed directly outdoors in a sunny site with average soil in mid-to-late May. In zones 6 and up, sow again in mid-August through to mid-September. In spring, seed can also be started indoors in a soil-less mix 6-8 weeks before last frost date. Keep temperature at 21°C (70°F) for the 14-21 day germination period, then grow on at a slightly cooler temperature before hardening off and transplanting outside after the danger of frost has passed. Sow seed 6 mm (1/4″) deep and 2 cm (3/4″) apart then thin the sprouts to 60-90 cm (24-36″) apart in the garden.

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