Aimers International

Peas “Early Perfection” (Aimers International) 2880
Peas (Snap) “Sugar Lace II” (Aimers International) 2890
Peas (Snow) “Mammoth Melting Sugar” (Aimers International) 2885
Pepper “Alma Paprica” (Aimers International) 2895
Pepper “Button Mix” Chili (Aimers International) 2910
Pepper “Cayenne Blend” (Aimers International) 2900
Pepper (Chili) “Aroma” (Aimers International) 2905
Pumpkin “Musquee de Province” (Aimers International) 2915
Radish “Fire Candle” (Aimers International) 2925
Radish “German Giant” (Aimers International) 2920
Radish “Watermelon” (Aimers International) 2930
Rhubarb “Victoria” (Aimers International) 2935
Spinach “Imperial Green Hybrid” (Aimers International) 2940
Spinach “Red Malibar” (Aimers International) 2945
Squash “Cream of The Crop” (Aimers International) 2955
Squash “Naples Long” (Aimers International) 2960

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