Aimers International

Cauliflower “Romanesco” (Aimers International) 2780
Celery “Amsterdam Leaf” (Aimers International) 2785
Celery “Chinese Tianjin Hybrid” (Aimers International) 2800
Chicory “Culinary Blend” (Aimers International) 2790
Cucumber “Calypso Hybrid” (Aimers International) 2815
Cucumber “Early Spring Burpless Hybrid” (Aimers International) 2810
Cucumber “Japanese Long” (Aimers International) 2805
Eggplant “Green Punjab (Baingan Bharta)” (Aimers International) 2820
Greens (Mustard) “Osaka Purple” (Aimers International) 2850
Lettuce “Bronze Mignonett” (Aimers International) 2835
Lettuce “Green Ice” (Aimers International) 2830
Onion “Rossa Lunga di Firenze” (Aimers International) 2860
Onion “Welsh Bunching” (Aimers International) 2855
Orach “Red Fire” (Aimers International) 2865
Pak Choi “Mei Qing Choi Hybrid” (Aimers International) 2870
Parsley “Giant of Italy” (Aimers International) 2875

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