Passport Hybrid Cantaloupe / (Honeydew) Melon Seeds 1425


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Passport Cantaloupe/(Honeydew) Melon Seeds 1425. Hybrid.

Approx. 10 seeds/pkt (35 seeds/gram)

An early ‘Honey-dew’ type melon. Fantastic aroma and flavour. Fruits are large, averaging 15 cm (6″) diameter and 2.5 kg (5.5 lb) weight. Vigorous, productive vines with excellent disease resistance.

How to Grow

Select a south facing, wind-sheltered site and sow 5 seeds 2.5 cm (1″) deep per hill. Space hills 1.5-2 m (4-6′) apart. Thin to 3 to 4 plants per hill. In short season areas, start seeds in peat/paper pots indoors 4 weeks before plant out time. Seeds need a warm soil to germinate properly. Do not sow into soil cooler than 21 C (70 F). Keep the melon vines evenly watered throughout the growing season. A packet of hybrid melon contains 10 seeds, enough for 2 hills.


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