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Moonflower Seeds 5755. Open Pollinated. Annual.

Approx. 15 seeds/pkt (4 seeds/gram)

Moonflower is a robust climber that produces beautiful, fragrant, pure white flowers up to 12.5 cm (5″) across The flowers open quickly during the night and last through to mid to late morning. Each flower only lasts for a short time, but once flowering starts it continues right through to very late summer and even well into fall in milder zones.  Reaches 2-4 m in height. Numerous decorative heart shaped leaves make this variety suitable for use as a screen. Quick growing vines will readily wrap themselves around any decent support. Moonflower is a tropical perennial hardy only to Zone 10. In Canada this plant is grown as an annual.

How to Grow

As moonflower does not transplant well, direct to garden sowing is preferred. Soak seeds overnight to hasten germination. Sow seed 2 cm (3/4″) deep in a sunny location. In poor, sandy soils vines benefit from fertilization. If the soil is naturally rich, apply fertilizer only when you notice reduced vigour or foliage quality is suffering. Over fertilization reduces blooming. In short season areas, seed can be started indoors about 8 weeks before last frost date. Use Jiffy 7’s or peat pots and a soil-less mix. This way by planting the whole container, you don’t disturb the roots when transplanting.

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