Daikon Radish Seeds 6742 (Cover Crop)


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Daikon Radish Seeds 6742. Open Pollinated.

50 seeds/gram

This radish is ideal for use as a cover crop and soil amendment. Thick roots rapidly penetrate deep into the soil capturing nutrients opening up compacted and/or heavy soils as they do.  They are superb for recycling plant nutrients from deep in the soil upwards to the crop feeding root zone. Rapid top growth helps to shelter open soil and reduce wind and water erosion. Daikon can be planted as a companion crop or after a target crop has been harvested or as repeated plantings on land that will be left fallow for a year. This radish makes a superb forage for many kinds of wildlife. Young roots are mild flavoured radishes. Old, mature roots are generally considered too fibrous for humans but adored by deer. Bare soil broadcast application rate – 500g per 550 sq. m. (1.1 lb per 6000 sq. ft.).

How to Grow

Plant seed 1.25-2.5 cm (1/2-1″) deep spaced 30 cm (12″) apart in rows spaced 60 cm (24″) apart. Seed can also be hand broadcast on a well worked soil – light packing or cultivation after application will enhance germination. Thinning after germination may be required when seed is broadcast. This radish will grow best and provide the most benefits if planted 6-7 weeks before your first fall frost date.

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